PathFinder Phone Tracker

Pathfinder Automated GSM Tracker is a revolutionary web based software product which enables you to display the location of your field staff on a map on your computer screen. Its unique performance, small footprint and cutting edge power management makes this system truly one of a kind. The only hardware to be carried is a Dialog mobile phone .The computer will automatically contact the mobiles periodically and plot their positions on the map. The path taken could also be identified. It is completely automatic - no user interaction is required.



  • Rapid response to customer calls
  • Saving of travel/ fuel cost
  • Itinerary optimization on the fly
  • Monitoring of staff activity levels
  • Monitoring of staff territories
  • Customer retention and win back
  • A practical tool to aid Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



This android app enables your staff to demonstrate that they were at a particular location at a particular time.


All they have to do is press a button on their phone and our system will display their location on your computer screen.



PathFinder GPS Tracker

PathFinder GPS Tracker is a Vehicle Tracking System used for tracking the location of vehicles in real time. It could be used for individual vehicles or for businesses with vehicle fleets of all sizes. Tracking is made possible by installing an electronic tracking device in the vehicle. The device locates itself using the visible GPS Satellites. The real time location data is transmitted to a central server and made available for display on your computer screen. This is a powerful tool for cost control and accountability and guarantees increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Business owners and fleet managers have installed our GPS Tracking Systems in their service, sales and delivery vehicles to make their business more efficient.



  • Lower vehicle fuel and maintenance cost
  • Immediately locate and dispatch vehicles
  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Cut down on overtime
  • Improve route efficiency



The vast resource base of the internet has billions of pages of information on various subjects published in the English Language. For the development of the country, Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, administrators, students etc need to make use of this vast knowledge base. However, many Sri Lankans may not know enough English to make full use of the online resource base of web pages that are available on the internet.


The Parivarthaka system performs the unique and useful function of making English Language websites available in Sinhala. On placing the cursor over a particular word on an English Language website, our system will display, in a little window, the Sinhalese translation of each English word on the website. The translation is made available in real time. Parivarthaka is brought to you by Dialog Axiata PLC. is a calendar of Sri Lankan events.

  • Find events of interest to you.
  • Organizers of public events can simply click and publicise their events.
  • Check before scheduling your next event and avoid clashing with other events.
  • Events are classified into several types to facilitate search.




Factory Enviornment sensing and control

Our integrated hardware sensors and state of the art software enables real time factory monitoring and control.


Specialising in tea factory automation and all its nuances, our systems enable real time monitoring, alarming and data recording to ensure that factory processing has gone according to plan even in the absence of on site management personnel.


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